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Welcome to the first trial Funktopia page on wiki!

File:Funktopian freedom flag.jpg

Funktopia is an internet nation of freedom. I would like to suggest that Funktopia is the first internet nation, but it is probably not true.

New projects[edit]

Things for people[edit]

Some Funktopians beleive in Space. Not just as an abstract ideal, but as a viable future. Thus space communities are beleived to be a thing worth investing in. Having thrashed around the arguments, some other Funktopians cleaverly crafted the objections subsection of the SPAAAACE article (while no one was watching).

Some Concepts Behind Funktopia[edit]

Funktopia is a trancendental nation.


Some other *topias include...

Things to be scared of[edit]

The Funktopian Manifesto[edit]

The people and nation of Funktopia shall abide by the following principles and ideals that bind us together as one nation, independantly of any other geographic circumstance or happenstance.