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Chairperson (3) Dmunkey, Df0rkey, Pch1pmnk.
Senate leader Palpatine
House leader Mommy
Founded 2007
Headquarters Mah cumpyuter, Flurryduh.
Ideology If it isn't a D3THKNIGHT, kill it. Then, kill it some more.
International affiliation International D3THKNIGHT Union
Coming soon...

You caught me.

So, yeah, here's my page. It's pretty meager. I'm a Death Knight of the Azaroth variety. You should totally visit the page.

Userboxes for that ass[edit]

D3TH This user is D3thmunkeyz, a High-ranking Dethknight official. Worship them as such.
Stop hand.svg This user maintains a strict policy advising against all personal attacks.
EmperorPenguinFeedingChick.jpg This user's favourite animal is the emperor penguin.
Dalmatian b 01.jpg This user has a pet dog.
@ This user can be reached by email at
Uncyclopedia logo notext.svg This user is a proud contributor to Uncyclopedia.
W&N This user is Nerdy in the extreme, Whiter than sour cream
Crystal kwrite.png
This user maintains a blog.


Google 2015 logo.svg This user uses Google as a primary search engine.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user uses Wikipedia as a primary point of reference.
nap This user used Napster back when it was free.
Brain animated color nevit.gif This user does not contribute by using a web browser. Rather, they upload material directly to the internet by using the awesome power of their mind.

Win-like-userbox.svg This user uses Windows XP.
<56k This poor user contributes using a dial-up connection slower than 56k.
Caffeine.svg This user believes that caffeine is necessary in large doses daily.
Dinnermealicon.JPG This user is an omnivore.
Pizza.jpg This user likes any type of pizza so long as it comes in pairs along with a little Roman guy exclaiming "Pizza! Pizza!". Pizza.jpg
Hamburger sandwich.jpg This user scarfs down burgers by the metric ton.
BAM! This user believes that gaaahhhlic is a beautiful thing!
☢ This user enjoys limes AND all things limey.
Hot chocolate.jpg This user drinks hot chocolate.
Milk glass.jpg This user drinks so much milk, their bones can cut diamonds.
Emblem-extra-cool.svg This user is just so überphantastik! Prostrate before him or her!
Coffee cup icon.jpg This user drinks coffee.
Green Tea.jpg This user drinks green tea.
Sprite bottle.JPG
This user likes both kinds of sprites: video games and drinks.
Pepsi This user prefers Pepsi over Coca-Cola.
PEPSI This user misses Crystal Pepsi.
Burger King Whopper Combo.jpg This user eats at Burger King.
Freeciv U.armor.png This user is a grognard.
Tilted T Circle.svg This user enjoys playing Magic: The Gathering
cvg-3 This user is an advanced gamer.
? This user doesn't care what console a game is for as long as it's fun.


RE4 This user plays Resident Evil 4.
fan-0 This user dislikes the 3-D Sonic video game series.


This user plays the Doom series.
Wikihalo.png This user plays the Halo series.
MP This user thought the Omega Pirate was a wimp!
RE This user plays Resident Evil.
Stick Figure.svg An Adventurer is this User.
Mrh? This user plays Urban Dead.
WoW This user finally quit playing World of Warcraft.
10 sided die.svg This user likes to play Role-playing games.
CN This user's alignment is Chaotic Neutral: the "Free Spirit."
Berzerk-mosht.jpg This user enjoys heavy metal music.
P culture.svg This user is interested in drama and acting.
XD This user is interested in comedy, and may enjoy writing or performing it.
Chaos-on-2-legs-icon.jpg This user is best described as Chaos walking on 2 legs.
忍者 This user lives by his/her own Way of The Ninja.
Bobobo This user has the power of the Fist of the Nose Hair.
Cowbe01.jpg This user is a Space Cowboy.
This user has a Death Note and writes in it constantly.
FMA This user believes in The Law of Equivalent Exchange.
Haruhiism This user is not interested in normal humans.
H This user is a member of the Hellsing Organization.
SC This user will take all you bitches on!
TRIGUN This user wants their $$60 billion.
Edgar Allan Poe 2.jpg This user is interested in Gothic literature.
Spork.png This user suffers from sporkophobia and hates sporks.
Balls.JPG This user supports the fight against testicular cancer.
This user is a high school student.
LOST This user feels like he/she is lost.
DRA This user's favourite subject is Drama.
Libra This user is a Libran.
Guitarhero-controller.jpg This user is a Guitar Hero, which is way more impressive than real guitar.
Laff alert.svg This user is NOT known for taking themself too seriously.
B This user is a fan of black or dark comedy.
C This user is a fan of character comedy.
O This user is a fan of Observational comedy.
S This user is a fan of Surreal comedy.
T This user is a fan of topical comedy and satire.
Exit sign 2.jpg This user knows that there IS NO EXIT
Crystal Clear app kguitar.svg This user enjoys rock music.
Humour mouth.png This user enjoys reading humorous literature.
Thrillerbook.png This user enjoys reading thrillers.
Face-surprise.svg This user has social anxiety.
SK This user enjoys the works of Stephen King.
<3 This user is head over heels in love
George Orwell press photo.jpg This user enjoys the works of George Orwell.
Oscar Wilde.jpeg
This user knows that all good Wilde stories end in tragedy.
Shortstory.png This user enjoys reading short stories.
1984.png Big Brother is watching this user.
Cthulhu This user is interested in the Great Old One.
Charles II of Spain.jpg This user is Lestat's latest victim.
Answer to Life.png This user knows The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
Crystal package.png This user needs more userboxes. MORE, I tell you, more!!! Muhahaha!
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user's homeworld likes to think that it is mostly harmless, but it is, in practice, devastatingly dangerous.
DON'T PANIC This user attempts not to panic with the aid of several towels.
H2G2 This user also uses h2g2 along with Wikipedia.
LOTR This user loves The Lord of the Rings book series and film trilogy, but not the 1978 animated film.
Quill and ink.svg This user enjoys writing.
Open book 01.svg This user writes short stories.
BOOK This user is working on publishing a book.
D This user reads Dilbert.
WWWD? What would Wally Do?
Chess ndd44.png This user reads Dark Horse Comics .
Sin City This user knows that if you walk down the right back alley in Sin City, you could find anything...
Joker This user promises that no matter what happens, you'll die laughing...
M This user reads Marvel Comics.
8-Bit "I like Swords!"
"Welcome to Corneria."

User:Tedius Zanarukando/Userboxes/User film-neg2

Plan9SaucerShadow.jpg This user thinks that Ed Wood is the worst director of all time.
23 This user sees the number 23 everywhere.
Emblem-favorites.svg This user only sees well with the heart, because what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Glass box of emotion.png This user is in a glass case of emotion.
AP This user doesn't speak freaky-deaky Dutch!
Ivy Mike H Bomb.jpg This user thinks that you are a twit!
Godfather puppetmaster.jpg This user knows you have to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
Ж This user thought you was a toad.
Drop point knife blade.jpg This user knows that a boy's best friend is his mother.

Acherontia lachesis.jpg This user ate a census taker's liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Matrix This user took the red pill, not the blue pill.
MiB.svg A person is smart; people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it!
STAR WARS This user is a true Star Wars fan, and as one, considers the films to be a single work.
AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport).jpg
This user wishes they owned an
Red lightsaber.png
This user is a
Dark Lord of the Sith.
This user owns these lightsabers.
Construction (83176915).jpg
This user once lived on board the Death Star. And this is his review of the experience:
Anthrax This user is the law.
BS This user is a fan of Black Sabbath.
BÖC This user says:
"Don't fear the reaper!"
GD This user does not like Green Day.
KoЯn This user is rotting in vain.
Ohlookiebricks.jpg   All in all, this user's just another brick in The Wall.
S This user is a fan of Slayer.
AL This user is a Close Personal Friend™ of "Weird Al" Yankovic
ubx-5 This user uses entirely too many userboxes.
Face-smile-big.svg This user is a jokester or comedian.
:( This user is unhappy.
:( This user thinks or feels he/she is hated by everyone else (or knows it).
OCD This user lives with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
Ø This user is a recluse.
Clown chili peppers.jpg
This user suffers from Coulrophobia.
Always be wary of the clowns.

Face-angel.svg This user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake, please let them know.
NotCommons-emblem-copyrighted.svg This user respects copyright, but sometimes it can be a major pain.
Finland road sign 142.svg This user is currently working on
a novel.
Joan of Arc miniature graded.jpg This user once wanted to be like Joan of Arc but then read how the story ended.

H This user believes that everybody lies.
This user craves the square goodness that is a Krystal.
☢ This user is an escaped genetic experiment.
MontyPythonFootLeftSmall.jpg This user is a Monty Python fan.
Grouchoicon.jpg This user is a Marxist,
with a Groucho tendency.
Atkinson Rowan.jpg The user is a SUPER FAN of
Mr. Bean.
This user would rather eat
organic food
than tampered-with food
Nuvola apps important.svg
GreenEggsAndHam.JPG This user DOES NOT like Green Eggs and Ham.
Mrepacket.jpg This user knows that MREs owe their famed longevity to the fact that even bacteria will not touch the stuff.

Code Result

CDC beets.jpg This user eats beets.
Salmon sushi cut.jpg This user eats sushi.
Chocolate cake.jpg
This user loves cake.
Pink peeps.jpg You better keep your hands off my peeps!
Ducreux1.jpg You just lost The Game.
Rubiks cube scrambled.jpg When time travel is invented, this user will go back to the 1980s.
nevermore This user's soul from out that shadow... shall be lifted Nevermore.
23 This user is a 23rdian; he sees the number 23 everywhere.
Christian cross trans.svg This user isn't perfect, just forgiven.
Gefahrensymbol F.png This user follows Rule One:
Pillage, then burn.
Gefahrensymbol F.png This user follows Rule Six:
If violence wasn’t your last resort, you failed to resort to enough of it.
Gefahrensymbol F.png This user follows Rule 34:
If you’re leaving scorch marks, you need a bigger gun.
Gefahrensymbol F.png This user follows Rule 37:
There is no "overkill". There is only "open fire" and "I need to reload."
Earth flag PD.jpg This user is a Prisoner of Gravity.
Eagle Nebula
This user is interested in astronomy.
Psi2.svg This user is interested in psychology.
Nh-pluto-in-true-color 2x JPEG.jpg This user misses Pluto. May its planethood rest in peace.
Ai2q.png This user has an amateur radio license.
Mini DIY circuit.svg
This user enjoys electronics or is an electronics hobbyist.
Igloo icon.svg This user prefers cold weather.
Fencing-icon.jpg This user is a fencer.
Bicycle with Rider.svg This user is a bicyclist.
Orienteering symbol.svg This user is an orienteer, and very seldom gets lost.
Skydive exit mini.jpg This user prefers
jumping out of a plane
to landing in one.
Soccerball1.png This user plays association football.
Eight Ball Rack 2005 SeanMcClean.jpg This user plays eight-ball.
TwoDumbbells.JPG This user does weight training.
BB This user believes that real fans wear Brown and Tan.
Camera-video.svg This user enjoys filmmaking.
Asahiflex600.jpg This user enjoys photography.
Quill and ink.svg This user enjoys writing.
Rubiks cube scrambled.jpg This user loves the 1980s and participates in the 1980s retro movement
Parent home This user is bound to live in the parental home due to his/her age, but wants to leave.
Coat of arms of Germany.svg This user is of German ancestry.
Ireland Éireannach
This user is Irish
Crystal Clear app kalarm.svg This user loves deadlines. He or she loves the whooshing sound they make as they go by.
No Day Like Today.jpg This user doesn't sleep.
Back left.JPG This user had a flux capacitor seized by the FBI.
D3THN1T3 This user is a Death Knight of Azaroth and thinks you should be, too.

I hate you all so much. This user hates everybody for a damn good reason that they simply haven't figured out yet.