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About me
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I have a B.A. in Classical Languages and Philosophy and a J.D. from an American law school. I've been studying religion in one form or another since high school. Though by no means proficient (yet), I'm learning Arabic.


I'm chiefly interested in history and law, these days especially (though not exclusively) as relates to Islam. Having noticed that some of the more specific pages related to Islam or Islamic topics are somewhat incomplete, I've decided to add information where I can, taken from my readings. I don't have any particular point of view to advocate for or an agenda to pursue, beyond making knowledge more widely available. Note: I am not a Muslim, but I have profound respect for Islam and for Muslims.

Subpages of Things in Progress[edit]

  1. /RisalaDraft: My long-form draft of the contents of Al-Shafi'i's crucial work on Islamic fiqh, Al-Risāla.

Subpages of Things Completed[edit]

  1. /FitnaDraft: My re-write of the fitna article.