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My name is Dmytro Taranovsky. I graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and I currently work as a software engineer. My website is at

My Wikipedia contributions are here.

Philosophy on Wikipedia[edit]

  • I generally favor Wikipedia's inclusive philosophy, including the right of anonymous users to edit pages.
  • On average, I hold inclusionist philosophy on the content of Wikipedia. Assuming good content organization, the cost of unimportant content is very low. However, I recognize that to improve readability, some Wikipedia articles should be trimmed, with content moved to more specialist articles.
  • I hold a broad view of the freedom of speech, and I favor changes to the legal system that would allow Wikipedia to offer public access to all deleted articles and oversighted revisions.
  • Wikipedia should not police users' off-wiki conduct. A person who is expected to make good edits should not be banned because of bad behavior outside of Wikipedia/WikiMedia even if the behavior is related to Wikipedia or its editors.