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Disclaimer: my writings here are not associated with my place of employment, nor are they to be confused with my peer-reviewed research publications. Caveat lector. Postings in Wikipedia do not undergo any peer-review in the traditional sense.

(There is something of an emerging popular-review process in Wikipedia, although some denigrate it as a mob-review process. Anyone in the world with access to the Internet can be an "editor" as the word is used here. There is little accountability for them -- they can't be fired, they are often anonymous so have no reputation to lose, it is rare that a print media outlet will respond to mis-truths written here. No education, training, skill, expertise, or publications record is required to write or change what is written in Wikipedia. There is no effort to ensure a balance of socioeconomic background among those who write here. The goal of WP:NPOV is laudable, but implementing it is difficult given the importance of framing issues.)

That said, there are many wonderful, positive things about Wikipedia. I just want to be clear in separating what is written here from my professional publications.

Again, reader, beware. DocSven 19:03, 15 April 2007 (UTC)