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Fantasy vehicle[edit]

Otherwise known as the Airwolf, Mark II. <G>

Airwolf Mark II's Specifications
Airframe Bell Model 430 helicopter
Speed 300 knots (555 km/h) (conventional)
Mach 1.5 (turbo thrusters)
Mach 2.2 (max speed)
Range 1,050 miles (armed crew of 3)
1,650 miles long range (crew of 2)
Midair refuel capable
11,000 feet unpressurized
89,000 feet pressurized
Wing Guns 40×346mmR Bofors Fast Forty (×2) (usually firing APFSDS)
30×173mmR Mauser MK 30-2 (×4) (usually firing HEI/HEDP/ABM)
Missiles ADF Pod (any three):
AGM-114K/M/N/R/T Hellfire II missiles (×12 each)
AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire missiles (×12 each)
AIM-92 Stinger Block II missiles (×12 each)
ALARM missiles (×12 each)
Zuni 5.0-inch rockets (HE, HE Fragmentation, HEAT, Flare, WP smoke, RP smoke, Chaff) (×12 each)

Side bays (×2):
Python-5 missiles (×2 each)
Defense Sunburst anti-missile flares (×12)
Chaff (×12)
Bullet-proof armored fuselage
Learning flight/combat computer
Silent hover/flight mode
Advanced EW suite, including a second generation DKL people finder (range: 1500 meters)


Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-301 (in 30×173 mm, with Stellite-lined bores)
Mauser MK 30F
Mauser MK 30-1


"Cal. 30 mm dual belt-fed automatic cannon (Mauser MK 30-2)"


40 × 346 mm

List of KITT's features