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'Tae a sysop'

poem on the occassion of Brenneman's RfA Congratulations, yer RfA,
Haes gane sae well, A hiv tae say.
Ye teuk the agro on yer chin;
And i'the end, desert tae win.

Fae ane that doun this road hae been,
an joys an grief baith hae seen,
Some gash advisement mabbe ye’d heed;
Fae A can see yer patent need.

It, thay say, aw ‘nae muckle deal’:
But nou, important ye micht feel,
As ye hae thae admin tools,
Thare tae help enforce the rules.

Of course, ye'll ken there is no bar,
to yer using IAR;
But please gae cannie at aw times
Desysoping’s the fee for crimes.

Be chivalrous, pertect the weak;
Be stoot the cruft, aye tae delete;
Dinna be a bawheid, but bend the rules
An only, e'er, dit the fuils.

Use rummle-gumption, and hae a hert,
Trolls, cuifs and freends tae tell apairt;
And whan it is yon Sidaway
Gang not intae that sair fray.

A sysop walks upo a line,
sae fair-faced be, at ilka time.
But ayeweys in yer lugs shoud ring
’the ENCYCLOPEDIA’s the thing.’

Doc 9.2.06