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To Visitors, the lost, and other poor saps who stumble across this page[edit]

Yeah, I do a lot of comics stuff, mostly DC. If you like what I do, I love praise and awards. If you don't like what I do, please tell me in a constructive way. I'm more than willing to work with people. I just want to make sure that information is freely given to all, especially comics info.

To do list:[edit]

Day of Vengeance (add series info box) Watch that page, improve
OMAC Project (add series info box, clean up article) Watch that page, improve
Rann-Thanagar War (add series info box, clean up article) Watch that page, improve
Villains United (add series info box, clean up article) Watch that page, improve
See about putting a superhero box on Death's Head.
Get rid of "retcon punch" references. They're gone.
Work on Per Degaton article.
Work on the Hourman Android article, perhaps get a better name for it.
Figure out some way to repair Son of Vulcan. Oy.
Begin working on major crossover events, starting with getting War of the Gods its own page, seperate from that Battlestar Galactic one.
Work on Avenging Host
Work on Black Flash Consider unstubbing it.
Watch the List of Secret Society of Super Villains members article.
Work on Vigilante
Work on Crime Doctor
Work on Nemesis

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