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Dr. Octagon

The paramedic fetus from the East, born on Jupiter
Controlled by gamma light, tough like a ukelele
Skin: green and silver
The Octagynecologist

Famous Quotes by Doctor Octagon

  • "Information is more concealed."
  • "Oxygen coming in -- carbon dioxide coming out to you."
  • "Trees are dying."
  • "Oh--fuck!"
  • "You have reached the Matrix Service of Chemical Bank and Insurance Company Policies. Our operators are masturbating right now, but your call has been placed in a bucket of stomach fluid, and will be attended by a double-talking robot approximately 70,000 years from now. Please note that your personality may be monitored to improve our ability to ruin your life. Please vomit in a cup if you do not want this to occur."
  • "You better drink that drano."
  • "Back to the lab.."
Birthplace of Dr. Octagon


One who studies 8 vaginas at one time.