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Hello. My username is Dogman15. This nickname was originally used for my account at I chose it because at the time, I had recently gotten the game Nintendogs for the DS, and I was fifteen years old at the time. I was having a hard time choosing a nickname, so that's what I settled on. It makes it easier just to use the same name here.
I've attended San Ramon Valley High School, Diablo Valley College, and San Francisco State University.

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I spend most of my time at Wikipedia reading videogame-related articles, mainly to get updated information on games and such before the next Nintendo Power magazine comes out. A few of the articles I have really liked lately are:

  • All of the Animorphs-related articles.
  • MIDIjam (I helped revamp it.)
  • Math Blaster Episode I: In Search of Spot (I added all of the pictures.)
  • Other Pixar-related articles
  • Popular new films other than Pixar.
  • Video game-related articles, especially Nintendo-related.
  • New games in development.
  • I recently started my own Sandbox page where I have a war/battle infobox based off Animorphs, a few other things, and where I plan to have a brief overview guide to about six of some very excelent Animorphs fan fictions I've read by way of this page.

Also, my userboxes are a "work in progress". Eventually, I'll get around to putting them in the order I want them in. Maybe. I think. (Not.)

I live in the state of California, near San Francisco.

What I'm Waiting For[edit]

  • Team Fortress 2's next comic, and the next big game update, whether that be Moonbase or End of the Line.
  • Any animated film by a major studio that is still yet to come out.

Current Time[edit]

In the Middle of England, the time is (in 24-format) 09:30, 16 January 2017 ("UTC" means Coordinated Universal Time, even though that would be "CUT", or "Universal Time Coordinated".)

My biggest contribution to Wikipedia[edit]

I created this MIDI file: File:MIDI sample.mid Details can be found on its page.

Other sites[edit]

Here are other sites that I have accounts at; approximate order in which I got them: