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Hi! I'm Dolewhite. If you're here, you probably are one of the many people involved in an edit war over the Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed page, and you're trying to figure out where I'm coming from. Which is to say, you're probably here to confirm your suspicions that I'm an SUV-driving, gun toting, red meat-eating, abortion clinic bombing, gay bashing, Christian fundamentalist wack job. Yes, absolutely, you've hit the nail on the head!

Actually, no. I really am just concerned with intellectual honesty. I believe that Darwin's theory on evolution by natural selection is correct, I believe the view (completely unscientific in its basis) that life began through natural, abiotic processes, and I have two degrees in biosciences (a BS in biochemical engineering and a BA in molecular and cell neurobiology from UC Berkeley) which I employ in my job as a biotech research associate.

Hellos, and welcome to my page.