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Dolfrog is my internet name and has been associated with my Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) research. Since 1998, I have been trying to promote a greater understanding of APD to help my children who have this condition. During my research into the nature of APD I soon realised that I have lived with this condition from birth. And as a result, actually had some idea of how to cope with some of the problems it posed.

I live in the United Kingdom, and founded Auditory Processing Disorder in the UK (APDUK).

I have contributed to the Auditory processing disorder article. I have included below, my online research paper collections at PubMed which other Wikipedia editors may find useful. I use a Table Sandbox to create information tables. Auditory Processing Disorder is the cause of my Dyslexia so I apologise for any spelling errors

My NCBI PubMed PMID research paper collections[edit]

All of the PubMed research paper collections listed below have evolved as I have followed my investigative nose around various topics of interest. If you follow any of the links to one of my PubMed Collections, you will find links to a list of research papers. If you select a paper the PubMed site will provide the Research paper Abstract (if there is one) and links to more related articles including review articles. You will also have the option to create your own PubMed research paper collections.

Leading Researcher Collections[edit]

Communication and Neurology[edit]



Acquired Dyslexia, Developmentral Dyslexia, and related topic collections

Dyslexia collections by year of publication

Invisible Disabilities[edit]


Royal society publishing philosophical transactions B[edit]

The Royal Society Publishing Philosophical Transactions B publish topical theme issues and reviews. I have listed below a link to the table of contents for some of the issues in which I have found of some interest.

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