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Domaine de Chaberton is a Canadian Winery with Vineyards in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

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In 1981, Claude and Inge Violet founded the Langley-based winery. Located on a 55 acre parcel of land, the South Langley Estate Vineyard is best known for it's Bacchus varietal. In 1991, the first year of production, the pioneer winery produced 3,000 cases-currently the winey produces over 50,000 cases a year. Other varietals grown on the property now include, Madeleine Sylvaner, Siegerrebe, Reichensteiner, Madeleine Angevine and Ortega. The winery contracts growers from the Okanagan's Black Sage Bench Region, annually producing over 20 wines. In 2005, the winery was sold to business partners Anthony Cheng and Eugene Kwan. Cheng's expert palate allows him to work closely with winemaker, Dr. Eilias Phiniotis, who has been with the winery for the past 19 years.