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Dominik Suter

The truth about Dominik Suter, for those whom are interested in the truth.

For years now, there have been individuals[who?] whom have been making up lies, bogus stories, spreading rumors about me and my family. Such lies include accusations I had involvement in the 9-11 attack on the world trade center; Allegations I was a mossad operative; others went further calling me nothing less that a mass murderer.

Numerous False, Ridicules, Hurtful and Hateful articles have been posted about me and my family by so-called 'experts', 'researches', 'concerned citizens', bloggers etc there are nothing but anonymous bullies that have nothing better to do then take pleasure in taking turns in ambushing me and my family on the web.

Some of the articles and comments to those articles include misspellings of my name, some examples: Dominick Suter, Dominic Suter,

Like any good lie, many of these lies include bits of truths, needed to make these ridicules and malicious stories 'credible' to the innocent and not so innocent readers online. Details such as my social security number, date of birth, past addresses, past businesses, places of employment etc are out there, on the net for anyone to exploit.

In the coming days and weeks, I will begin addressing these malicious acts, which their only objective is throw mud on me, my family, friends and spread hate and antisemitism.

Regards, Dominik Suter

Reply: You did run tho didn't you? leaving your office with food and drinks ready like you have something to hide? If you really don't then you won't mind taking a lie detector test? The Truth Shall Set You Free. Please explain why you left in such a hurry..

Another Reply: You justify your actions because you see muslims as enemies. Perhaps you thought you were acting in the greater good. Whatever your justifications are for doing what you did, people died. I think you owe it to those people to tell the truth about what you knew had happened.