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I'm Justin Kerk. I live in Parksville, British Columbia. You can think of me as the janitor of Wikipedia. I rarely write anything new, but if someone feels compelled to write for an encyclopedia despite a third-grade command of written English, or helpfully deletes text added by a vandal but doesn't notice that half the article is still missing, or changes all the Chinese into gibberish because his computer was manufactured during the Reagan Administration, or uploads a bunch of photos from Google Image Search because he thinks copyright is something his Xerox won't do when it runs out of toner, I'm the guy who notices while trying to get other things done and has to go back and fix it all. You've probably never interacted with me because I avoid the drama-laden Wikipedia community, but you've probably read something I've touched - I've been here since 2003 and I've made over 7,000 edits, putting me in the top 2,000 editors.[1]

I have particular expertise in the area of Unicode and related character set issues and have an array of relevant software utilities, so if you can't tell U+0041 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A from U+0391 GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ALPHA or can't for the life of you figure out how to type a ξ, I'm your man.

Handy stuff[edit]

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ā á ǎ à a Ā Á Ǎ À A
ē é ě è e Ē É Ě È E
ī í ǐ ì i Ī Í Ǐ Ì I
ō ó ǒ ò o Ō Ó Ǒ Ò O
ū ú ǔ ù u Ū Ú Ǔ Ù U
ǖ ǘ ǚ ǜ ü Ǖ Ǘ Ǚ Ǜ Ü


ā ē ō ū Ā Ē Ō Ū


This is stuff I've noticed and am capable of doing but haven't had time to deal with yet.

Stuff anyone can do[edit]

Feel free to beat me to any of this stuff, just strike it out afterwards.

Stuff I need to do[edit]

This is more open-ended stuff where the list item is only a reminder and not an exhaustive description of the task. If you were planning on doing any of this stuff, don't wait on my account, because I'll be slow to get around to most of it.

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