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Me at Dunnottar Castle, August 2009

OK, I am the Doric Loon. It's about as obscure as most Wikipedia usernames, but I found myself having to think of something fast. "Doric" is the dialect and culture of the part of Scotland I come from (round Aberdeen), and "loon" is the word in that dialect meaning "lad", "guy", "fellow" or whatever. As you see, it's frightfully original. If you want to know who I am in real life, my own website is here.

My Contribution to Wikipedia[edit]

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My particular enthusiasms are Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands, literature, medieval studies, historical linguistics and migration studies, and you are likely to find me sticking my nose in wherever several of these interests come together. I also edit occasionally on the German Wikipedia, and on Wiktionary, and I'm interested in becoming much more active on the Scottish Gaelic Uicipeid.

You can find statistics on my Wikipedia contributions here.

Articles I have started, written, substantially re-written or otherwise taken under my wing in more than a passing way include:

Literary Studies[edit]


Mediaeval Literature and Culture[edit]

Renaissance and Modern Literature[edit]


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Germanic and Indo-European philology[edit]

English, Dutch, Yiddish, Hebrew[edit]



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Church of Scotland[edit]





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Conflict of Interests[edit]

Since I am professionally involved in academic research and sometimes write on Wikipedia about the same topics I publish on elsewhere, there can be the appearance of a CoI between my roles as a participant in academic debate and as a neutral Wikipedia reporter on this. My experience has been that most Wiki-colleagues understand this but I have been pounced on before for what someone saw as self-promotion, and I want to be careful to do the right thing. The best way to deal with this is probably just to declare everything up front and then if anyone sees this as a problem with my edits and approaches me about it courteously, I will accept their judgment.

CoI issues mainly arise with the Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle, which I edited and now occasionally use as a source when working on Wiki articles about chronicles; with the Medieval Chronicle Society, since I created the Wiki article on it and have since been elected as its president; on YWMLS, for which I am now joint general editior; and with topics in literary studies on which I have published, as I cannot help holding the same opinions when writing about these on Wikipedia, which sometimes forces me to cite my own research. You can find my publication list here, and judge for yourself whether I handle this properly.