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Hi, my name is Martin J. Galloway. I am 47 years of age and formerly from a dairy farming community in Ayrshire in Scotland, now living in Toronto Canada with my Canadian wife and 7 year old Stepson.

Amidst the plethora of interesting jobs I have undertaken in my life, my love for photography and writing is the greatest of all. Needless to say when Wikipedia came along, my curiosity and attraction to this new medium was like a piece of metal to a magnet!

I acquired my first SLR camera a Zenit B at the young age of 12. From there my swag bag quickly grew to include a Praktica LTL, Soligor 24mm Wide-angle lens & 400mm Telephoto lens. Most of the family thought that this avid hobby would pass and the camera gear would just be another stagnant collection in the toy chest. However this wasn't the case at all. Photography gave me my freedom as a young man, giving me a legitimate excuse to go places and do things that most parents wouldn't want their offspring to do.

To date I have photographed everything from golf clubs to Miss World. I have photographed the summit of Scotland's highest mountain Ben Nevis and had the Concorde pass 100 feet over my head.

Now 34 years later that hobby has migrated to the computer screen you are looking at right now. Inspired by the spirit of Wikimedia, I operate an Internet photographic database of Scotland, England, Ireland & Wales images. This, my attempt at compiling the largest free encyclopedia of images depicting the United Kingdom & Eire on the Internet. Your contributions are most welcome as they are here at Wikipedia. When time permits I am enjoying adding the images to augment various articles on Wikipedia.

Thanks for looking, it's certainly a great feeling to be a part of such a huge global learning portal.


If you have enjoyed the article related images that I have uploaded to Wikipedia, thank you. There are thousands more where those came from right here:-

Barnstar-camera.png The Photographer's Barnstar
For uploading so many fine photos. Keep it up Martin! Guinnog 20:26, 5 August 2006 (UTC)