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WikiProjects for Discusson page[edit]

To process an WPfD discussion listed on Wikipedia:WikiProjects for discussion for more than 10 days, where discussion is not ongoing:

  1. If it may take significant time to assess the discussion and/or do the closing edits, consider first editing the discussion sub-page and adding {{Closing}} to the top, to notify others that a close is in progress. This helps to avoid edit conflicts during the close.
  2. Determine (using the guidelines) whether the consensus was to keep or delete the page, and if the associated talk or sub-pages should also be deleted.
  3. Enter the following text at the top and bottom of the WPfD discussion sub-page. (Together, these two edits will create a shaded box around the discussion thread confirming that it has been closed. See the example below.)
    • At the top:
      {{subst:wpfd top}} '''RESULT'''. ~~~~
    • At the bottom:
      {{subst:wpfd bottom}}
  4. If the decision is DELETE, then delete the page. (This will be automatically recorded in the Deletion log.) Remember to paste a link to the discussion in the "Reason for deletion" box (ie add [[Wikipedia:WikiProjects for discussion/Page]] ). If appropriate, delete the page's talk page or any associated sub-pages first. Also remember to check "what links here" and either delete any redirects or redirect them elsewhere.
  5. If the decision is KEEP (including any variant such as REDIRECT or MERGE), remove the WPfD Header from the page (be sure the WPfD Category is also removed), and put a link to the discussion sub-page on the page's talk page (the template {{oldwpfd}} is recommended for this, so add one of:
    {{oldwpfd|date=date of nomination|result=result|votepage=PageName}}
    {{oldwpfd|date=date of nomination|result=result}}
    {{oldwpfd|date=date of nomination}}
    (the default votepage is the name of the page associated with the talk page)
    (the default result is "keep", so that parameter may be omitted)
    • Remember to fix double-redirects if the page becomes a redirect.
    • If the discussion failed to reach consensus, then the page is kept by default, but the decision should generally include a reference to the lack of consensus, in order to minimize ambiguity and future confusion.
  6. If that was the last open entry on that day's page of deletion discussions,
    1. Remove the day's discussions to the relevant archive by cutting and pasting the date header and the links to the listed deletion pages, which will look like {{Wikipedia:WikiProjects for discussion/foo:foo}}
    2. Go here and open the relevant monthly page, pasting the date header and links at the top.
    3. Convert the transcluded pages {{Wikipedia:WikiProjects for discussion/foo:foo}} to bulleted links * [[Wikipedia:WikiProjects for discussion/foo:foo]].

Header and footer text[edit]

After closing the discussion, the page will look like this:

Template:Wpfd top RESULT. my name date


DISCUSSION THREAD Template:Wpfd bottom