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I am an IT Director, author, and publisher. My primary interest is in Emanuel Swedenborg and The New Church. In the 18th century Swedenborg described the Near Death Experience long before it was rediscovered by the medical community in the 20th century. Swedenborg has influenced a number of notable people, including Carl Jung, Helen Keller, William Butler Yeats and Ralph Waldo Emerson, among others. The New Church, based on the revelations received by Swedenborg, is founded on scripture and the visions show how portions of the Bible are truly Divinely Inspired through a system of symbolic correspondences, renamed as "archetypes" by Carl Jung. The New Church is different from most other Christian churches as it defines the Trinity as existing in the soul, body and spirit of one person, Jesus Christ. From scripture, the Protestant idea of justification by faith alone is shown to be a falsehood, based on misinterpreting the writings of Paul. In 2012 I published e-books of the works of Emanuel Swedenborg on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Apple iBookstore. The entire collection of Swedenborg's works can be found in the work entitled The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem and The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem: Expanded Edition. The advantage of this particular work is that all of his writings are easily searchable, and his numerous references between his different works are hyperlinked. Swedenborg's works have also been published individually under the following titles: Heavenly Arcana, The Final Judgment, Heaven and Hell, Angelic Wisdom of the One God, Doctrines of the New Jerusalem, True Christian Religion, Angelic Wisdom concerning Marriage Love, Apocalypse Revealed, Apocalypse Explained and Apocalypse Revealed and Explained. See my blog at