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My Wiki Policies[edit]

  • I don't believe in silencing an argument, regardless of if I agree with it.
  • I don't believe in deleting other editor's work, (other than minor edits) without first discussing, as is respectful Wiki ettiquette.
  • Over use of [citation needed] without attempting to find the citation is simply harassing.
  • Deleting material with dubious excuses is censorship and harassment.
  • Honest and fair argument/debate is welcome and not seen as hostile. I'm not always right, neither are you. Know this going into it.
  • Argument/debates that use logical fallacies, dubious tactics or as an excuse for harassment will be called out.
  • My grammar is sometimes lacking, sorry.
To do list[edit]
  1. expand category list "LGBT churches in the United States"
  2. Create list of Fag hags
  3. Work on Bash Back! article, is it a Hate group?
  4. Work on Benzion Chinn bio and the Protocol of the Elders of Zion Controversy
  5. Article American College of Pediatricians
Done list[edit]
  • resurrect category LGBT rights opposition, which is currently being debated for deletion or renaming as US organizations opposed to gay marriage
  • major edits and rewrite of Macaron and macaroon
  • annoyed people
  • rewrote the LGBT rights section in the Human rights article
  • contributed to several people's bios including Scott Lively and Lech Kaczyński
  • created section titled Criticism from minority groups in Public image of Mike Huckabee , which previously was part of Support for/criticism from minority groups...and had no criticisms...
  • Contributed to and revised several people's bio's including, but not limited to Chai Feldblum
  • Preached to the choir
  • Used the word "santorum"
  • Contributed to the Political correctness article
  • Et, al


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