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Song title Artist Tier Original track created for Amplitude?
"Boom (The Crystal Method Mix)" P.O.D. vs. T.C.M. 1.11. Neotropolis No
"Cherry Lips" Garbage 1.21. Neotropolis No
"Baseline" Quarashi 1.31. Neotropolis No
"Shades of Blue" Chris Child featuring Melissa Kaplan 1.41. Neotropolis Yes
"Uptown Saturday Night" Logan 7 1.51. Neotropolis No
"King of Rock (X-Ecutioners Remix)" Run-DMC 2.12. Beat Factory Yes
"Urban Tumbleweed" The Baldwin Brothers 2.22. Beat Factory No
"Dope Nose" Weezer 2.32. Beat Factory No
"Everyone Says 'Hi' (Metro Remix)" David Bowie 2.42. Beat Factory No
"Super-Sprøde" Freezepop 2.52. Beat Factory Yes
"Respect" Pink 3.13. Metaclouds No
"M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)" Papa Roach 3.23. Metaclouds No
"What's Going On" Mekon with Roxanne Shante 3.33. Metaclouds No
"Rockit (2.002 Remix)" Herbie Hancock with Mixmaster Mike, Grand Mixer DXT, Rob Swift, Q*Bert, Babu, Faust, Shortee 3.43. Metaclouds No
"Rockstar" The Production Club 3.53. Metaclouds Yes
"Cool Baby" DJ HMX with Plural 4.14. Elektro Kore Yes
"Kimosabe" BT with Wildchild 4.24. Elektro Kore No
"Nitro Narcosis" Manchild 4.34. Elektro Kore Yes
"I Am Hated" Slipknot 4.44. Elektro Kore No
"Push" Game Boyz 4.54. Elektro Kore Yes
"The Rock Show" Blink-182 5.15. Blastlands No
"Sub Culture (Dieselboy + Kaos Rock Remix)" Styles of Beyond 5.25. Blastlands No
"Out the Box" Akrobatik vs. Symbion Project 5.35. Blastlands Yes
"Synthesized" Symbion Project 5.45. Blastlands Yes
"Robot Rockerz" Komputer Kontroller 5.55. Blastlands Yes
"Spaztik" Cosmonaut Zero 5.65. Blastlands Yes