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Were you about to ask me why I reverted your edit? This page can help you faster than I can reply on your talk page...

The official Wikipedia policy defines "vandalism" as follows:

This policy is intentionally vague to enable vandal-fighters to deal with any unconstructive edits they find.
Below is a non-exclusive, open-ended list of things that I regard to be irrevocably unconstructive.
If your edit follows the pattern of any of the things listed below, I can assure you I will revert.

  • Any edit to an article that contains YOLO.
  • Any edit to an article that consists of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Almost any edit that consists of, or has an edit summary with, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in any namespace (not including short abbreviations or acronyms such as G10, CE, RVV, etc).[1]
  • Any edit that consists completely or primarily of swear words.
  • Any edit that compares someone or something to a body part below the waist.
  • Any edit that says "Bush is teh gay." or something similar.
  • Any edit that includes a broad generalization about an elected official. (e.g. XXXXX is the best/worst/most incompetent/whatever)
  • Any edit whose edit summary lies. (e.g. saying you corrected a typo when you actually deleted half of the article.)
  • Any edit that personally attacks someone or something.
  • Any edit that involves a person, place, or thing that is not especially important, or that does not provide enough information to positively identify the subject of the sentence or phrase.[2]
  • Any edit, not on a talk page, that apologizes for vandalizing. If you are really sorry, please, just stop.
  • Any edit that consists solely of text generated by clicking on the buttons above the editing window.[3]
  • Any edits that add external links pointing to the same domain to more than one page in quick succession.
  • Any edit that adds defamatory content to a page without including a citation.
  • Any edit that uses variants of the word "legend" as a direct object, an adjective, or an adverb.[4]


If after reading this page, you still think that I should not have reverted your edit, feel free to leave me a note on my talk page.

When writing, please remember that, as I am a human being, I am not infallible, and I do make mistakes. For best results, write a clear, concise, and civil note. If possible, include the name of the article you are concerned with. Also, please remember to sign your post with four tildes (~~~~).

Swearing, cursing, and/or attacks will simply be reverted and ignored, and they could even get you blocked from editing.

  1. ^ Basically, the only time I would not revert is when the edit makes you look so foolish that I decided it is better to just leave the edit so that others may know something about your temperament. You may want to read WP:CIVIL
  2. ^ For example, "Alice was here", "Joe's Bar serves great food", "Juan Sanchez recently placed fourth in the 9th Annual Fayetteville 5K Run"
  3. ^ For example: '''Bold text'''[[Link title]]''Italic text''<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here</nowiki><!-- Comment -->[[Image:Example.jpg]]<sub>Subscript text</sub><ref>Insert footnote text here</ref> and so forth.
  4. ^ Anyone who actually is a "legend" will be able to back it up. Provide a citation to a reliable source or be reverted.

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