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This page is composed of links to some of my favorite users' talk pages I am watching

  1. [[::User talk:Collectonian|Collectonian talk]]
  2. [[::User talk:Gwen Gale|Gwen Gale talk]]
  3. [[::User talk:ScienceApologist|ScienceApologist talk]]
  4. [[::User talk:Iridescent|Iridescent talk]]
  5. [[::User talk:Cordless Larry|Cordless Larry]]
  6. [[::User talk:Roger Pearse|Roger Pearse talk]]
  7. [[::User talk:Wetman|Wetman talk]]
  8. [[::User talk:Fordmadoxfraud|Fordmadoxfraud talk]]
  9. [[::User talk:FisherQueen|FisherQueen talk]]
  10. [[::User talk:Gamaliel|Gamaliel talk]]
  11. [[::User talk:TriNotch|TriNotch talk]]
  12. [[::User talk:Jaysweet|Jaysweet talk]]
  13. [[::User talk:ClovisPt|ClovisPt talk]]
  14. [[::User talk:Dbachmann|DBachmann]]
  15. [[::User talk:Jehochman|Jehochman talk]]
  16. [[::User talk:CJLL Wright|CJLL Wright talk]]
  17. [[::User talk:Gwernol|Gwernol talk]]