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The Great Seal of
H.E. Don Daniel Enrico di Palma

Unuseful Details[edit]

* Location: Miami Beach, Florida USA

here .

In My Previous Lives, I was....[edit]

In my previous lives, I was a Roman emperor, an architect, a false prophet, a Roman soldier (general), a harlot, a slave, a heretic, a Catholic inquisitor, a pope, the Queen of England, an amoeba, a poet and God himself who created the universe, in no particular order of course.

Who Am I? And Why?[edit]

H.E. Don D. Enrico di Palma lives in Miami Beach FL. He's a Latin American from 1978. He speaks French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese,and can communicate in Russian and German.

Politically, he has a liberal world view and identifies himself with the American Green Party and the Democratic Party, even though he belongs to neither one, instead opting to classify himself as an independent thinker. He strongly believes in the separation of Church and State, and advocates for a completely secular government.

He believes in the freedom of expression, religion, equality, including gay marriage (Gasp!) and he believes in a spirit of cosmopolitanism, just as long as one doesn't interefere with the other. He doesn't belong to any particular religion and does not believe in the existence of a god, goddess, God or Goddess or any such deity even though he grew up being a Pentecostal Christian and believing in the Christian "god". He rebelled against the church starting at age 18, even though he always had revolutionary and existentialist tendencies. His favourite phrase, said by himself: "Only after death will the truth be known, and only the dead will know it. The living will keep on guessing!" Yes, he is an atheist.

He values friendship more than anything. His friends come from all over the world and reflect all cultures and flavors starting in Israel, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, Holland, Poland, Russia and Slovenia. Not to be left out, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba and Canada. :)

Some of my Views[edit]

I was oppossed to the war in Iraq and the use of US troops to "fight for their country" unless fightining for one's country means "on behalf of" but not necessarily "for"; I support our US troops by asking that they should be brought home and away from danger; I am against hypocritical politicians (regardless of party lines); religious fanatics; people who think they are better than the rest because of a special divine mandate; people who kiss their boss' derrière to gain favour; the oppression of Palestinians, Iraqis, the poor, the handicapped; the killing of anyone in general regardless of whether they are guilty or innocent; the wasting of natural resources; the inhumane treatment of animals; people who fail to recognize that the Holocaust happened many decades ago and that not just one special group suffered in its wake; people who focus on events that happened many years ago, yet when it doesn't affect their own particular group they seem to turn a blind eye on the current suffering of others such as people in Darfur, Iraq and many other parts of the world,; people who do not recycle; people who think that because you are family that you are forever bound to tolerate a family member's every whim and desire no matter how disrespectful, insulting or childish; people who believe that old religious books dictate that there is a heavenly realtor imparting land on earth to his favourite group... amongst other things!

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Image Contributions Pre 2017[edit]

Sea oats and seagrapes[edit]

San Francisco Bay Area and California 2006[edit]

Miami Beach and Florida 2006[edit]

Rome, Italy 2005[edit]

Honeymoon Island State Park 2015[edit]

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park Florida 2015[edit]

Bahia Honda State Park 2016[edit]

Colombia 2017[edit]

Peñón de Guatepé[edit]

Cerro Nutibara y Pueblito Paisa[edit]

Valle del Cócora*[edit]

  • A. Calle

Montesacro Cemetery and Pablo Escobar[edit]

Cementerio Virgen María del Rosario de Itagüí[edit]

Miami 2017[edit]

Oleta River State Park[edit]

Manuel Artime[edit]

Wynwood Art District[edit]

Miami City Cemetery[edit]

Venetian Causeway[edit]

Miami Beach 2017[edit]

Ocean Drive[edit]

Buildings in South Beach[edit]

Casa Casuarina - Versace Mansion in South Beach[edit]

Faena District - Miami Beach[edit]

Hurricane Irma, Miami Beach September 2017[edit]

South Beach After Irma[edit]

Flora of Florida 2017[edit]

Sausage Tree[edit]




Sabal Palm[edit]


Miami Rock Ridge[edit]

Alice Wainwright Park[edit]

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens[edit]

James and Hazel Gates Woodruff Memorial Bridge[edit]

Shinden Garden[edit]

Paradise Garden[edit]

Early Rock Garden[edit]

Karesansui Late Rock Garden[edit]

Hiraniwa Flat Rock Garden[edit]

Modern Romantic Gardens[edit]

Yamato Island[edit]