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dposse's User-Page

Hello! My screenname is dposse. I am a 21 year-old guy from the extremely boring state of Connecticut. I love anime and manga. I also love rock, grunge, and metal music, as well as other genres in the rock and metal fields. I'm a Nintendo fan and I'm a pretty big geek. I know HTML pretty well, and I want to learn other programming languages.

I graduated from Ansonia High School on June 17th, 2008 and plan to attend Housatonic Community College in the spring of '09 for a major within a computer field. My dream in life is complicated and is still being a decided. It used to be to become a video game designer, but i'm not so sure now. I think I might want to go to ITT Tech or another similar college to further my college education after i graduate from Housatonic Community College. I'm currently busy looking for a job to save up some money for college, although it's quite difficult.

Wikipedia is awesome. Wikis in general are great. The very idea that ANYONE, from the average joe to the President, can edit this website is a wonderful idea. Freedom of Information is what the internet was created for and I'm glad that Wikis take that ideal to heart.

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Well, i love music. Here are some of the bands that i listen to:

Of course, thats not the entire list of bands that i like. It's just a small snippet, and i will update it at a later time. /subpage for dposse