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About myself[edit]

As you can see, my mother tongue isn't English, but Dutch. I live in Hoorn The Netherlands. I have a collection of scaled car models, and I play Sims 3 a lot.

Geographycal things[edit]

Flag of the Netherlands.svgThis user is proud to be of
Dutch ancestry.
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Important places in my life[edit]

  • Alkmaar: former home town
  • Amsterdam: family roots
  • Edam: just one of the many places I went to school
  • Hoorn: Place of Birth and current home town
  • Medemblik: just one of many places I grew up in, first one though
  • Monnickendam: last city I grew up in
  • Schardam: smallest place I grew up in, added a lot of text at the Dutch wiki about this place.

World Heritage I've visited[edit]






United Kingdom:

Wikipedia thingies[edit]

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Wikipedia is one of my hobbies, that started with some minor editing in some articles I just liked to read. I have a major interest in geology, nature, languages and editing al sorts of articles. Even though geology, nature and languages are big interests, I mostly write about heraldry. I've written over 600 articles about coats of arms.

The articles I've started are mostly on the Dutch Wikipedia. At this wiki I've started 7 articles and 1 list.

More info might just come some day. (You can read my Dutch user page if you like and are able too)

Articles started by me[edit]

  1. Coat of arms of Curaçao
  2. Rijen
  3. Amsterdam-Centrum
  4. Coat of arms of Hoorn
  5. List of museums in Amsterdam
  6. Coat of arms of Beverwijk
  7. Hans 't Mannetje
  8. Coat of arms of Zaanstad (translated my own article from Dutch)
  9. Coat of arms of Enkhuizen (translated my own article from Dutch)

Articles with important changes by me[edit]

  1. Royal Dutch Mint
  2. Churandy Martina
  3. Grachtengordel (Amsterdam)

Most acitve at[edit]

  1. Adding Dutch wiki to the list
  2. Dutch articles
  3. Things that interest me.


If you want to see my photos, have a look over at my Dutch userpage, that page is up to date.