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NOTICE: I have decided to discontinue the editing of Wikipedia for an unknown amount of time. For more information, see my talk page.

Dr. B is a Wikipedia member from the United States. He is male, often thinks of his mind as a little nuts, and usually does not like to give away much information about himself.

Dr. B
Stargate character
File:It's a Snowstorm!
Caption: A quotation put under a photo for explanitory means
First appearanceHis date of Birth
Dr. B
File:It's white out!
Portrayed byHimself
AffiliationUnited States of America

Red vs. Blue Charachter

  • Name: Dr. B
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Color: It changes regularily
  • Affiliation: Red, White, AND Blue
  • Weapon of Choice: Tank/Warthog/Shotgun/Pistol/Grenades
  • Voice Actor: Himself

General Information[edit]

The following is information about Dr. B that he is not worried about giving away.

What he will say about himself[edit]

  • He dosn't like organizations and people such as PETA, MADD (as it stands today), Prohibitionists, those who try to get stupid laws passed (such as forcing people to wear seatbelts), and so on.
  • He thinks that too many people take Political Correctness too far.
  • He thinks that vandalizm of any kind on Wikipedia is childish, regardless of what the article is.
  • He also thinks that childish insults are just that - childish.
  • He gets more than a little ticked off when people try to cram stuff down his throghte.
  • He's far from the world's best selpelr.
  • The word 'speller' was misspelled in that last one on purpouse.
  • He beleives that while not all the Danish Cartoons should be tolerated, a couple of them are kind of amusing, and that the Islamic world (as portrayed by the media) is taking the issue way too far.
  • He would have some of the above information in traditional userboxes, but for the most part, he doesn't know how they really work, and is kind of too lazy to worry about it too much. He thinks he's kind of figured it out, but if anyone would be willing to give him some pointers, that would be appreciated.
  • He went a little userbox-happy when he figured out how to get them to work.

Infobox information can be found at the bottom of the page.

What does the 'B' stand for?[edit]

Dr. B has been asked more than once by people what the 'B' in Dr. B stands for. However, this 'more than once' really only constitues three or four times. There are two explinations that he has given.

  • That there are 25 other people who he is affiliated with, all of them using 'Dr.' and a letter of the alphabet (kind of in the style of MIB), and there is a 'Dr. A' through a 'Dr. Z'. He just happens to be 'Dr. B'.
  • At one point, the 'B' Stood for Blaine. However, he decided to drop the 'laine', and just use the 'B'.


Dr. B joined Wikipedia in late September 2005.

Major Contributions[edit]

The following are Wikipedia entries that Dr. B either created, or was largly responsibe for bringing to their current state:

He also made the Wikidomination Document page as a joke for April Fools Day, 2006.

Stargate SG-1[edit]

The following are episodes of Stargate SG-1 that Dr. B has made a major contribution to, most likely by writing up a summery for the episode.

Minor Contributions[edit]

The following are Wikipedia entries that Dr. B has made a significant, but not as important, contribution to.

Debatable Entries[edit]

The following are entries that Dr. B made some sort of sizable entry to either when he was logged out, or before he registered for a Wikipedia account.

General Projects[edit]

Often, what Dr. B usually does as far as entries is to make contributions that he feels might be helpful, when he finds an entry that he feels is missing something.

Ongoing projects[edit]

The following are projects that Dr. B has worked on over a long period of time (though still in his spare time), with a long term goal.

  • Episodes of Stargate SG-1 (10/8/2005 - Present) - Project Goal: Creation of episode summery for every episode of Stargate SG-1.
  • Red vs Blue (12/5/05 - Present) - Project Goal: Helping make 'Red vs Blue' a featured article.
  • Blaine (Pokémon) (1/16/06 - Present) - Project Goal: Improve article 'Blaine' so that it becomes a featured article.



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