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Hello (or as in Persian: Dorood bar shoma!)

I am Dr. Persi. Pers is not my real name but an appropriate name I felt.

I am an Iranian-American, proud of my Iranian heritage and of my American heritage. I am a hard working man, and at the same time a romantic of types. I have studied in US and am a physician (M.D.).

My favorite activities include Persian poetry, spending time with my family, and most importantly studying and advancing my knowledge. I have no fear and no body fears me. I am a simple man. No grand gestures, and no claims. I am simply another student of the world. I love cultures, and history. I love sciences and I love to cooperate with like minded individuals.

My likes include: Sports History Medicine Iranian/Persian topics as you can judge by my few articles

My dislikes: Edit warring, People who advocate for a cause, Censorship, Foul language, And above all, wasting time online which ironically is what I do in the very short time I get.


1) You want to debate something logically, 2) Cooperate on something, 3) You want to partake in Scientific and verbal debates.

Other cultures I find fascinating (aside from my own of course):

German language and culture

French language and culture

Greek language and culture

My favorite cars:


My favorite type of girl:

Suzanne Snyder (from the movie Weird Science -- Yep the 80s left their mark !)

Lastly: It is a lot more productive when we work together than we fight. If you like something and I like something, we can talk and do it in a way that it is something that we both like in a fair way. ;)

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Barnstar Award[edit]

Working Man's Barnstar.png The Working Man's Barnstar
For your efforts on improving the Persian Gulf page, adding extremely useful information on its ecological systems, and general clean up of article, thank you! GoetheFromm (talk) 22:08, 25 December 2010 (UTC)