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Hello, I'm Dr. Chuck. Over the years, I've acquired radio station knowledge, so I thought I could put it to good use here. Back in mid-1990s, I created a web site that had the original Long Island Radio Dial. I retired it in 2005, then (temporarily) brought it out of retirement in 2011. In 2009, I created my Wikipedia account, and started making small edits to radio related articles. Later on, in 2012, I began contributing to and watching radio station articles.

Favorite articles[edit]

  • Rockline
  • WLIR - The radio station that "dared to be different" in the 1980s! Actually, I shouldn't take full credit for the creation of this article, as I WP:SPLIT a lot of the original info from WLIR-FM. Kudos to the original editors!

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