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    Wiki Project Philosophy[edit]


    • Falsificationism Looking for comments on lead.
    • Optimism should have a separate page that focuses on the philosophical idea of optimism and distinguishes the philosophical view from "positive thinking" and other everyday uses of the word.
    • Philosophy of social science, has some okay points but requires elaboration on Wittgenstein and Winch, perhaps other linguistic critiques, whether logical positivist or postmodernist.
    • Exchange value needs to be redone, it shouldn't be under 'Marxist theory'- although it's an important component of Marxist theory it's also vital for all economics. That said the article's weight on Marx is also absurd.
    • German Idealism and the articles related to it may need to be rewritten or expanded to avoid undue weight on Arthur Schopenhauer.
    • Protected values first section confuses right action and values and needs a copy edit, moving and wikifying
    • Quality (philosophy) needs a more clear explanation.
    • Socratic dialogues could do with some tidying and clarification. See the talk page for one suggested change.
    • Problem of universals: The introductory definition is (perhaps) fixed. But, the article is poor. Check out the German version.
    • Teleology: the article is shallow and inconsistent.
    • Existentialism: the quality of this article varies wildly and is in desperate need of expert attention.
    • Analytic philosophy This is a very major topic, but still has several sections which are stubs, and several topics which are not covered.
    • Lifeworld A philosophical concept that seems to have fallen exclusively into the hands of the sociologists. Could use some attention; it's a major and complex issue in phenomenology.
    • Perception Needs the attention of philosophically minded Wikipedians. This is only the start of an overhaul of perception and related articles.


    • Metaphysics
    • Causality
    • Consciousness
    • Ethics and values
    • Philosophy of science