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Name: Carl Edwin Lindgren

I was born and raised in Virginia and moved to Mississippi in 1965.

I would like to take this opportunity to let individuals reading this page know that I am very interested in helping all readers on the topics of medieval history, education theory, Metagogiek, genealogy, heraldry, nobility and religious thought.

My areas of scholarship are: comparative scientific pedagogics, Metagogiek (Education of Becoming), generational family matrix development and spatial time ripple reactions and their relation to social behavior.



• 1994-1999 – University of South Africa, D.Ed. in history of education (Metagogiek* – Education of Becoming)- DISSERTATION: (1999, June). A historical-comparative study of the development of the county school systems on North and South Panola. Universiteit van Suid-Afrika , Pretoria, South Africa. Doctoral thesis (DEd) - Dr. A.E. Van Zyl, Lead Faculty and Dr. Kenneth Bender (University of Mississippi), Mentor/Second Chair;

• 1989-1993 - Royal Chartered College of Teachers, Fellowship (F.C.P.), a thesis of 30,000 words which embodied the "results of original ... work [in higher education] ..." – Royal Charter - Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II;

• 1989-1993 – University of Mississippi, S.Ed. in curriculum and instruction/research methodology - 30 hrs;

• 1973-1977 – University of Mississippi, M.Ed. in history (24 hrs) / education (21 hrs) (Honors: Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Theta Kappa, E.D.P.A. Graduate Fellow, University of Mississippi — Educational. Dev. Project Act (United States) — two year graduate fellowship in historical research, Robert A. Taft Institute of Government – Honors Fellow, Graduate School, University of Mississippi, 1977 — In 1996 the Taft Institute chose Queens College of the City University of New York as the site of its headquarters;

• 1970-1972 - University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), B.A.E. in Social Sciences (24 hours in history).

Academic Occupations[edit]

• 2012-Present – External Assessor/Examiner – The College of Teachers, U.K. (under advisement);

• 2012-Present – PhD Dissertation Committee External Examiner - Trident University;

• 2010-Present – President of the American School of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences (Institutional Member & Accredited Centre - program accredited by the College of Teachers. New Post-Graduate program is under accreditation.)

Past Positions:

• 2002-2008 - Professor of Medieval Studies and Military History at -American Military University;

• 2005-2007 – Professor of Education at American Public University System (APUS) (reg./nat. accreditation);

• 2000 -2000 - University Vice President, Academic Affairs (DETC accreditation);

• 1982-2000 - Director, Educational Consultants of Oxford (University, Mississippi) - extensive travel to India, South Africa, Australia, Europe and northern Africa relating to international consulting (education) work and archaeological digs;

Current Research Interest*[edit]

• During the early 1980s quite a number of questions arose amongst certain members of the then Dept of History of Education at UNISA regarding the status, field of study and, in particular, the methodologies employed in History of Education. A few years earlier something similar happened at the University of Pretoria (UP) and the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE). In an attempt to "revitalize" the History of Education, UP advocated a "new" type of History of Education called Wordingsgeskiedenis (this Afrikaans word can possibly be translated as the "History of Becoming") whereas UPE advocated Temporaliteitspedagogiek (possibly to be translated as "Pedagogics of Temporality"). Each regarded their methodology as something different from existing research methodologies and their focus as unique. At the University of South Africa a number of colleagues then started propagating yet another "new" type of History of Education, referred to as Metagogiek. According to De Jager, DK, Coetzee, JH & Bisschoff, TC. 1983. Metagogiek: Metodologie En Toepassing. HAUM; Pretoria]: "The name, Metagogiek, indicates the intention that an all-inclusive view is striven for. Meta pertains to change always taking place and emphasis will be placed on this aspect in particular. The second half of the name, agogics, emphasizes the guidance that one human being offers to another during every phase of life." Therefore one could say the Metagogiek refers to the "pedagogics of change" keeping in mind that, according to advocates of Metagogiek pedagogics focuses on children only - agogics, according to them, includes all human beings, from the cradle to the elderly. Lindgren attempts to utilize certain concepts in Metagogiek to bring a better awareness of human becoming as it relates to helping the human condition. Emphasis is on human rights and ways in which issues relating to chronic pain, poverty and social injustices can be addressed through the science of education.

Academies & Royal Societies[edit]


• Member, European Academy of Sciences and Arts Austria;

• Life Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science (President Ivo Šlaus) - Founding President John Boyd Orr, 1st Baron Boyd-Orr;

• Académico Correspondiente, Academia Belgo-Espanola de Historia (Spain); Proposed by Alfonso de Ceballos-Escalera y Gila, Duke of Ostuni in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Marquess of La Floresta and Lord of the Castle of Arbeteta in the Kingdom of Spain; Ilmo. Sr. Don Manuel Rodríguez de Maribona y Dávila; Luis Francisco Cercos Garcia;

• Academician (Life), “Studium”- Accademia di Casale e del Monferrato per l’Arte, la Letteratura, le Scienze e le Varie Umanità fondata nel 1476 - Casale Monferrato, Italy;

• Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain - originally proposed by Rosiland Moss (noted Egyptologist and Egyptian archaeologist) and seconded by former President of the RAI Prof Eric Sunderland, MBE;

• Fellow, World Association of International Studies (Formerly the California Institute of International Studies - Stanford University - Founding President Dr. Ronald Hilton - Hoover Fellow); and

• Academician - Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences

• Life Fellow, College of Preceptors (College of Teachers) (Patron: His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., K.T.); and

• Fellow, Royal Society of Arts (President: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1951-2011) and Anne, Princess Royal (2011- ).

• Member, Royal Society of South Africa

Learned and Scientific Societies:[edit]

• 2003-Present – Life Fellow (Member of Honors), La Societe Napoleonienne Internationale (The International Napoleonic Society) - Honorary Presidents Prince Albert II of Monaco & Prince Charles Napoleon, Honorary Vice-President for French-Speaking Countries S.A. Le Prince Murat, Honorary Patron Victor André Masséna Prince d'Essling, Duc de Rivoli;

• 2003 - Hon. Academician - Academia Portuguesa de Ex Libris (Portugal);

• 2001 - Life Member, Medieval Academy of America (Cambridge, M.A.)


• 2013 - Knight Commander (star), Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (Vatican);

• 2008 - Merit Award - Priory Vote of Thanks from the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.

• 2008 - Knight Commander, Order of Prince Danilo I of Montenegro;

• 2005 - Grand Cross (honorary knight), Order of St. Michael of the Wing (Duke of Braganza)and Medal of Merit;

• 2003 - Knight Commander (honorary), Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa (Duke of Braganza); and

• 2002 – Medal of Merit, Order of Vila Viçosa.

Editorial Boards & Publications:[edit]

• 2012 - Senior Editor - ALTAIR, Journal of the American School of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences

• 2010 – Special Advisor – Journal of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Education – Institute of Economic Sciences, Serbia

• 2007 – Author Status - ''Encyclopedia of Earth'';

• 2000 – Present - EDITORIAL HISTORICAL COMMITTEE — Almanach de Bruxelles (Brussels) — The first ALMANACH DE BRUXELLES was published in 1818 as the Nouvel Almanach de Poche de Bruxelles pour 1818;

• 1993-2010 - EDITORIAL BOARD of Science Technology (now called The Journal, the official journal of London Institute of Science and Technology (England), History of Science section;

• 1998 SPECIALIST PANEL - ''New Dictionary of National Biography'' - 23 volume set Encyclopedia published by University of Oxford Press;

• 1998 SPECIALIST PANEL - ''American National Biography''; and

• Over 150 articles and 4 books and booklets. (ask for publications).


I am interested in helping Wikipedia in anyway possible. I have an extensive background relating to the aforementioned topics (Background) as well as those noted in my bio.

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