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Dr. Melissa Ganus - Instructional Designer, Community Organizer, Passionate wiki fan

CoFounder, WikiSoCal

Website: ~ On Facebook: ~ on LinkedIn

Proud to have been part of launching WikiConference North America 2016 here in San Diego. Excited to be part of what happens next as we build WikiSoCal and plan for future events. Save the dates for "WikiCon SoCal 2017" - here in beautiful San Diego next October 6-9. For updates and more details, please join our meetup group at We've posted a grant proposal to the Wikimedia communities for our 2017 activities and would welcome your comments and endorsements if you like what you see, whenever you see it! WikiSoCal 2017 Proposal

Founder and Director, Quality of Life Enterprises (

Other projects include: Quality of Life Experiments (, SquidMinders ( and MetaLearningHabits ( - all with websites wanting updates.

I'm proud to have helped more than 1,000 college students and community members learn how to edit Wikipedia articles for their first time, as part of their normal research papers. Their enthusiasm for contributing to this collective body of human knowledge is not surprising - it is so much more satisfying than watching a research paper become irrelevant to both student and instructor after it is graded.

I am most passionate about helping people improve quality of life for themselves and those they care about. I see self-directed learning as one of the most fundamental skills needed for making those improvements. I believe that we are all usually doing "the best we can." But our skills often leave us far short of our goals. In my mind, the gap between "the best we can do" and "the best anyone could do" is a function of how well we can learn what we need to improve. I love finding and creating high impact learning activities and materials, especially those we can share with people very very quickly.

Toward helping others, I work as an education advisor for students, nonprofits, and other education-related projects. I am also a part-time faculty developer, helping faculty members at various schools learn techniques for improving their students' learning. My emphases include choosing quality-of-life learning objectives relevant to students, metalearning (learning how to learn more, faster), and how to make the most of emotional intelligence in education settings. And, I am serving on an NSF grant focused on improving assessment of learning.

If you, reading this, have any questions or shared interests, I'd welcome hearing from you, learning more about your perspectives and favorite resources. I could also use more connections here in Wikipedia - it takes a lot of time to edit and write the articles I care about, I think I'm still a novice editor, and a few Wikipedian buddies would be great!

Since completing my doctorate, I've been able to focus on helping people (especially young people) better understand how our brains work so we can learn faster, improve our emotional management skills and develop better decision making habits. In our work with We're using animal metaphors and mnemonics to make the complex information easier to make sense of. Our website and other posts are still a work-in-progress, but that seems normal these days, so go check 'em out and let me know what you think? Posting as much as possible under Creative Commons license.

DrMel (talk) 20:21, 11 May 2016 (UTC)