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Kasper Lauritzen
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The Kasper Lauritzen-Penguin

Kasper Lauritzen (moi) is a Dane and webdesigner of

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On Wikipedia[edit]

My participations[edit]

Some of the subjects I'm interested in (hence write about on Wiki) are:

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WikiProject Film.

Background[edit] and The IMDb-film club[edit]

Two of my webprojects include an unofficial IMDb-community The IMDb-film club and a website at Both projects focus on filmmakers who don't get the attention they deserve.

Has existed since summer of 2007.

The IMDb-film club

The film club was announced on 10th of August 2006 on the IMDb-message board of Ingmar Bergman. Here users could "sign up" if they were interested in joining the film club. After a week the first meeting was held on the same board. Here the members made their wishes on directors and made comments on how the film club should work. In October 2006 a GoogleGroup-site was created - and is still active by 2007. People interested in joining the community can simply subscribe the mailinglist on the GoogleGroup-site where the filmmakers are chosen and news announced.

Top favourite films[edit]

Here’s the trouble when making a top-film-list. The bigger a list, the more you want to tell, the more films you’d like to appreciate – the less personal is the list really. There are many films I’d like to have included: “Persona”, “Wild Strawberries” and the trilogy by Bergman, “Faust” and “Last Laugh” by Murnau, “8½”, “Eraserhead”, “Citizen Kane”, “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest”, “Deer Hunter”, two of Cronenbergs, maybe a Sergio Leone-film, Hitchcock, Lars von Trier, half of the Woody Allen-films, all of Kubrick-films… But I limit myself to this; about twenty titles absolutely not in any order but which all has meant a lot to me. I could throw another 100 films in which I and most serious movie-buffs consider masterpieces – but to what point? These are the films I most deeply and honestly believe in. These are the films which most precisely define what cinema is to me


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