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I'm an associate professor in the Psychology discipline at York College, City University of New York.

York College in Autumn

I am not a Wikipedian. That is, I don't consider myself someone who is motivated to edit Wikipedia. Maybe I'm too old and Wikipedia is something new. Maybe I just don't have time and think that if I'm writing it should be something I can get published professionally. So why am I here?

Because I realized that learning about Wikipedia is important to my students.

  • My students have a difficult time understanding that information comes in different levels of quality. For example, Wikipedia isn't appropriate for use in student research papers. Assignments which require my students to work with Wikipedia allow them to understand the level of quality of the information on Wikipedia.
  • Regardless of how I feel, Wikipedia is an often used resource for my students and the population at large. Wikipedia is just too popular to ignore it and hope my students do also. I need to teach my students about Wikipedia, to assess the quality of information on Wikipedia, and then to use the information on Wikipedia appropriately. For example, I've recently starting asking my students in Research Methods in Psychology to browse Wikipedia for ideas for topics (or key words) when beginning a research project.
  • I feel that teaching students about Wikipedia's standards of evidence, along with Psychology's standards, gives my students a better perspective on the quality of evidence, in general, and a better understanding of what makes Psychology unique.
  • Finally, Wikipedia offers a unique opportunity for students to enter into public conversations with Wikipedia editors (or other Wikipedia editors) and have their work published publicly.


Wikipedia:WikiProject Psychology/APS-Wikipedia Initiative

Wikipedia:WikiProject Psychology

You can view my work information and my vita here.


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Defensive attribution hypothesis

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Spring, 2014 Independent Study

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