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My edits:

Pages I created[edit]

Muller's morphs Amorph, hypomorph, hypermorph, antimorph, and neomorph, null, dominant negative... some were already in mutation but it was incomplete. Someone might decide to merge this into mutation but I don't think the long version belongs there.

Ancient footprints of Acahualinca, 6000 year old human footprints in Nicaragua.

Pages that need help[edit]


Ortholog I merged this with homology (biology). This way, Ortholog, paralog and homolog are on one page for simple comparison.

Polygenic inheritance I merged this with Quantitative trait locus. Polygenic inheritance was a stub, and it fits into the inheritance of quantitative traits and QT mapping on the QTL page.

Recessive gene needs to be renamed since genes aren't dominant, alleles are.

Transheterozygote I expanded this definition and re-wrote the article, the existing one was only a bit of the story.

* Sometimes one article is better than six[edit]

take a look at the Ploidy page: better than having separate pages for haploid, diploid, polyploid, etc...

I would like to merge sex linkage with autosomal and re-name it autosomal versus sex-linked inheritance. sex linkage, sex chromosome, autosomal chromosome, and autosomal would redirect to autosomal vs sex-linked inheritance. Right now, Sex chromosome incorrectly forwards to sex determination system. The sex determination system is a set of genes that control the developmental choice between male and female, some of which exist on the autosomes. autosomal dominant is already proposed for a merge into dominance relationship which is where most of it belongs. I'll just take what I need for autosomal vs sex-linked inheritance and put the rest in dominance relationship.

How about Dominant and recessive traits instead of autosomal dominant,dominant allele,dominant gene, recessive gene and recessive allele and dominance relationship?

Two sides of the same coin: wild type and mutant (applies to phenotypes and alleles).

Why not stick homozygote, hemizygote and heterozygote together? They wouldn't be under one heading in a dictionary but in an encyclopedia under zygosity? Homozygous, heterozygous and hemizygous?

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