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If you're looking for the 'Dragon Dave' of Durham University, Treasure Trap or Lorien Trust, you're in the right place.

(This page is/was fourth ranked on Google for 'Dragon Dave'. Wow.

Merciless LARPer from Durham...


Welcome to the 'pedia! I like what you have done to the place (especially your work on the pi meson -- I do love my subatomic particles). BTW Cool handle. --User:maveric149

Hi, so there are other LRPers on Wikipedia :-) user:Alex

Hi Dave, I'm afraid I'm not at The Gathering this year, the battle is great but I'm too much of an old hand to get that excited by it anymore. I do however still go to Omega. Which reminds me we could add a bit more LRP stuff into this Wiki. I wonder waht the naming conventions are..... user:Alex

In case people think this isn't a bad idea[edit]


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