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This page issues instructions to DFBot governing the operation of the category tracker. Each section below generates a corresponding section on the category tracker page with the number of entries in the category and statistics on how the category has been changing since observations began.

The first flag is a number which defines how often, in hours, the category is read. To avoid being unduly burdensome, the bot limits how small this number can be. No category can set time < 1 hour. Categories with more than 600 but less than 1000 elements are limited to once every 24 hours. Those with 1000-2000 elements are limited to once per 48 hours. Those with 2000-3000 elements to once every 96 hours. Those with greater than 3000 elements are only updated through Special:Mostlinkedcategories which updates weekly.

The additional optional flags are also defined:

  • +cats - count subcategories towards a categories total number of elements
  • +sum-request - add to the "Requests" section of the summary table.
  • +sum-backlog - add to the "Backlog" section of the summary table if the category has an above average number of elements.

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