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Imran Khan
Born 11,june,1992
Allahabad, India
Origin Allahabad, U.P., India
Genres Hip hop, urban, pop, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician
Years active 2010–present
Labels  • Prestige Records (2010–2013)  •

Imran Khan (English : Template:عمران خان) is a india-Allahabad rapper, songwriter, and singer. Releasing a single called "O Re Piya Tere Bina" (which also featured fellow singer Allahabad University), Khan was signed to University Of Allahabad in late 2010.

Khan was born 11,june.1992 and raised in Allahabad to U.P. Indiai parents from Allahabad in India.

Khan released his single Mahivey in 2012, and is currently producing and recording a second album's name. Gone All The Days will be released by Dramatech Records and is due in 2013.


Khan started his career in when he was in 10th, His father is a shoe maker and mother is house wife khan is very hardworking person and he was doing a lot of struggle when he was in 10th he was unable to take tuition classess when he worked in a ladies tailors shop and completed his tuition fee. when he completed 12th he having no money for completing graduation when his cousins giving him finencial help and he completed in 2012-13 and he also still studies C.A. he is Still a C.A. student. Khan Started Singing carreer in When he fall in love with a girl name Afreen then he decided to take his music as a profession instead of a hobby.when he Start singing.

In 2011 Khan revealed that he is working on a debut album, and that he is going to release various songs. Khan’s first released single, “Wind Down”, was produced by Kamran Ahmad was released on 04 July2011. . His second single, "Bewafa," was produced by Amit Chaturvedi and released on 30 october 2011, which was yet another smash hit. In July 2012, Khan released his album, Dont Forget Me. It includes the singles "Mahivey", "O Re Piya " and a remix of his first single "It Is Mine".It was nominated for Best Album in the 2012 Prayag Sangeet Samiti Music Awards but did not win.< May 2012}} "Gone All The Days" was nominated for best video, with Khan himself nominated for best Dance act and best Act act. In 2012, Khan announced his departure from Sur Mahadev

After going Am the One for almost 4 years, Khan released the single 'Mahivey' on 13 September 2012. 'Mahivey', like 'Sad Song' and 'U Are Bewafa', was another smash hit,


Gone All The Days (2013)[edit]

Dont Forget Me is Khan's album, released on 27 July 2012, Sangeet Sartaj


The albums lead single is "O Re Piya Tere Bina", produced by Amit Chaturvedi, followed up with the second lead single "U Are Bewafa", produced by Imtiyaz Ali.

Critical reception[edit]

Imran Khan Albums stating it description of the album as worth waiting. It stated: "Imran Khan's All album is worth the two-year wait. With its hot beats and innovative lyrics, this album is truly Heart Break"

Commercial reception[edit]

The album was nominated for "Best Album" award at the Delhi University Music Awards 2013,NOMINATED /> and Won "Best Album" at the 2013 Sur Sangeet TV Music Awards.

Track list[edit]

{{tracklist | headline = Track listing | extra_credits = yes | extra_column = Producer(s) | total_length = 54:11 | title1 = Gone All The Days | extra1 = Amit Chaturvedi | length1 = 3:53 | title2 = Wind Down | extra2 = Kamran | length2 = 3:52 | title3 = Mahivey | extra3 = Amit Chaturvedi | length3 = 3:20 | title4 = U r Bewafa | length4 = 3:10 | title5 = Bewafa | extra5 = Imtiyaz Ali,Amit Chaturvedi | length5 = 3:08 | title6 = My life IS U | extra6 = Glen Fordis | length6 = 3:05 | title7 = Heart Break | extra7 = Abhijeet | length7 = No More LOve 3:25 | | note8 = featuring Shila Saxena | extra8 = Dont Forget Me | length8 = 4:25 | title9 = Tu Kisi Aur | extra9 = Mohit | length9 = 4:07 | title10 = Khudaya ve | note10 = Is Qadar | extra10 = Nazar Mohammad | length10 = 3:35 | title11 = Lonelyness | extra11 = Khushi desai

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • Won "Best Album" at the 2013,Sur K Shetra TV Music Awards for Dont Forget Me
|title=Fever,104 F.m. Music Awards 2013
|accessdate=11 September 2013
  • Nominated for four awards at the 2013 Delhi University Music Awards, "Best Album", "Best Video" for "Gone All The Days", "Best Dancet" and "Best Act
|title=2012,Prayag Sangeet Samiti Music Awards Nominees
|accessdate=11 Aug. 2012
|author=Nida Fazli

winning "Best Song"

|title=2012 UK Sangeet K Maharathi Awards Winners
|accessdate=1,june 2012
|author=Khushi Saxena



  • Imran Khan - First tour was "Make My Trip" in 2012 and "Mahivey" in 2013.
  • Imran Khan – Takeover Tour Bhopal (2012)<

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