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My interests[edit]

Delhi Metro
Municipalities of Delhi

I am interested in articles about Delhi,India particularly about places, roads, transportation, museums and educational institutions. I like adding content, inserting citations, finding images and correcting grammatical errors.

I participate at AfD, particularly for topics about India, transport and places. I have noticed that many articles about India are deleted because the editors may not know much about the topic. Whenever possible, I try to research and find more information to save these articles.

Articles I've written (I don't own them, I just started them)[edit]

Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus metro station | List of bus stations in Singapore | Norma Azucena Rodríguez Zamora | Enshi railway station

Articles I've expanded, revised and/or added photos to[edit]

Nai Sarak | Benito Juarez Marg | National Rail Museum, New Delhi | Fairbank Lake

Found at AfD[edit]

Category:Wikipedia requested images of train stations[edit]

Gandhinagar Jaipur railway station

My userboxes[edit]

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