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As edited by Dreamy Jazz 🎷 talk to me | my contributions on 10 12 2018
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Dreamy Jazz or DJ for short
— Wikipedian —
Current timeCurrent UTC is 21:27
Eyes(hopefully) two
Blood typeAnd why would you need to know that?[a]
IQIt's a number. I know that
Dreamy Jazz subpages

User:Dreamy Jazz/Portal Pages to Delete - Deletion for portal (sub)pages en-masse under WP:G6
User:Dreamy Jazz/sandbox - my sandbox
User:Dreamy Jazz/CSD log - My Twinkle CSD log
User:Dreamy Jazz/Draftify log - Pages moved to draft space by tool
User:Dreamy Jazz/PROD log - My Twinkle PROD log (don't use PROD much)
User:Dreamy Jazz/thingscreated - Things I have created

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Hi, I'm Dreamy Jazz. If you want to, you can refer to me as DJ, which is the shortened version of my username.

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I love this!

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  1. ^ If you really want to know:
    it is rareish.
    Persistent. I see. Question is will I tell you?
    The land of no return is in sight.
    👌 Gotya! Don't say I didn't warn ya!