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This bot used to add links from category and article pages ensuring that every portal has the links recommended by WP:Portal guidelines#Linking to portals. The bot used to also checks to see if navigational templates have links to the portal they are used on, but does not add links. The bot also used to adds Category:Portals needing placement of incoming links to portals without the links recommended.

The bot ran on new portals (portals since the last run) every day and used to recheck every portal each month. To stop the bot linking the page you can add {{nobots|deny=portallinker}} to the page in question, but I'd much rather fix the problem needing the bot to be excluded from a page. If you do add this to a page which would be linked by the bot, the bot will still recognise this as a page that needs to be linked and will still add the tracking category. In any case, WP:Portal guidelines#Linking to portals strongly recommends these links.