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I'm Britta Gustafson. I have a blog about interests and projects at Jeweled Platypus. I've been editing Wikipedia since late 2001. I also edit LocalWiki for San Francisco and Isla Vista, CA.

Drafts, to help me keep track of them: User:Dreamyshade/Software Freedom Day topics, Draft:OpenHatch, Draft:Sarah Sharp (developer), User:Dreamyshade/List of anti-circumvention laws by country.


I wrote initial entries for some things: Harp, Glissando, Zarzuela, Lyon & Healy, Neapolitan ice cream, Pablo Neruda, Neopets, Hammurabi, Code of Hammurabi, Tamasay, Alien and Sedition Acts, Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis, Driftwood, Shrine Auditorium, Episodic memory, Sinople, Common Spotted Cuscus, Joel Sternfeld, Derek McCulloch (comics), Britta, Pinboard (website), Outreachy.

I've rewritten or added a lot to articles including: Tag (metadata), Social bookmarking, Etsy, Storke Tower, Bill's Bus, SHSH blob, Stack Exchange Network, Greenpois0n, LocalWiki, XOXO Festival, Jay Freeman.


I've contributed photos of Historic-Cultural Monuments in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles:

Photos of other buildings and landmarks in Los Angeles County:

Photos of San Francisco Designated Landmarks:

Photos of other buildings in San Francisco:

Photos in Santa Barbara County:

And photos of some other things:

For reference: