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    Hi, I'm Ernie Prabhakar. In 2003 we moved from Cupertino to Elk Grove, California (outside Sacramento) where my wife is doing a medical residency in Family Medicine. We joined a Vineyard Movement church plant here, then switched to Harvest Church. In the summer of 2006 we moved back to Santa Clara where my wife is working for Camino Medical Group.

    I was trained as a high-energy physicist, first worked as a management consultant, and am currently employed as the Mac OS X marketing manager for Apple Darwin, open source, and open standards. To make sense of all this I started dabbling in economics and political theory, which led to my founding a think tank on Radical middle philosophy. I discovered the Wikipedia to be the most useful source of information on voting systems and philosophy, so I decided to start contributing articles about topics in my area of interest.


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    My primary pages of interest are:

    I've also authored minor articles on:

    I'm eventually hoping to create articles on:

    (unless someone beats me to it)

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