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Oh, hi there! You scared the crap out of me. I am DrewieStewie, the Associate Production Coordinating Directorial Associate Managing Departmental Divisional Office Supervisor of the International Network Amalgamation Distributing Corporation Management Organisational Association of Men Who Like Pussy. But anyway, I am here to update pages on the WikiProject Professional Wrestling, mostly WWE related, storyline buildups up-to-date.

About Myself:[edit]

I am 16 years old. That may seem way too young to edit a major international encyclopedia like Wikipedia, but if you look at my contributions, you'll see that I do very well in this encyclopedia and give major updates to WWE storylines here on Wikipedia, and that I fit right in perfectly.

I live in Northern California, and whenever a WWE TV taping or PPV comes to my area (excluding house shows), I will attend. I try to attend any PPV, Raw, NXT, or SmackDown. I have been a fan since I was 11. Even though I'm a more recent fan, I caughtup quickly with what I missed. I went to WrestleMania 31 and No Mercy 2016.

I suffer from an autoimmune condition called Alopecia areata, which causes me to have no hair on my scalp, and it grows rarely. I might be able to grow hair if I take this arthritis medication that helped a man grow hair with Alopecia, which i might be taking in the future. Many people mistake me for having cancer as a result of this condition. Fortunately, I don't :D.

I also suffer from a now-mild case of Autism. When I was younger, I had it moderate, and I didn't talk much. Even though I was moderately Autistic, I only had/have special ed in preschool and in homeroom. In kindergarten-4th grade, I had an aid accompany me in class. It's not as severe as it used to be today, though I do have trouble sometimes on writing assessments in class and sometimes have no eye contact. I also have erratic behavior sometimes. Despite, I live a successful life.

When people tell me WWE is fake, this is what I say: DOES IT REALLY MATTER? Just because it's fake doesn't mean that it isn't awesome. Even though it isn't the Attitude Era anymore, I still like it. There are many other fake things you like, like acting, story lines in video games, etc.

also have a huge passion for the NBA, my favorite teams are Golden State, Sacramento, and Toronto.

So thats me. If you need to contact me, email me at or my talk page here on Wikipedia. Cya! ;)


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