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my project spaces


I am a podiatrist practicing in a health clinic serving the underinsured and non-insured, an FQHC. I teach surgery including 3 dimensional surgical concepts and external fixation techniques to residents at a teaching hospital.

I have become involved here with the Clinical medicine project and am working on several pages including podiatry, diseases of the foot, flatfoot, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and Electronic Medical Record as well as the sometimes hefty areas they spawn.

In my other life I work with an open source Electronic Medical Record and Billing software project, Freemed, designed to be language agile and portable. It is entirely web based and can run from nearly any web appliance. The language agility was designed to preserve demographic information in countries where finding people might be difficult if assigned that information from another language group.


My philosophy of life might be summed up in the phrase "give a man a fish and he feeds his family today; give him fishing tools and you've created a fisherman who feeds not only himself but his village." I believe in the dissemination of knowlege, the creation of knowledge bases and the work and good deeds to make that happen.

Other Effluvia:

I have a deep and abiding interest in words and their origins (etymology). I enjoy skiing, hiking and kite flying and kite construction. My background includes such varied works as time spent with wolves, physical linguistics, particle physics and genetic studies. I enjoy movies (favorites would be Dr. Strangelove, Fierce Creatures and You Can't take it With You), music in particular opera (gimme Puccini anyday) and reading.


  1. FreeMED FreeMED Software Foundation
  2. FQHC
  3. SLAA