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This is a catalog of the various CSS styles which I have created and what they do. See Help:User style and Help:Cascading style sheets for details.


To install any of these styles, add the following text to your monobook.css page (not your monobook.js page!). If you use a skin other than monobook, you probably know what to do.

@import "";

Replacing, naturally, "NAMEOFSTYLESHEET" with the full name of the page where the styles are stored, e.g., "User:Drilnoth/rounded.css".


If you try using one of these styles with a skin or browser not listed here, please update this section to indicate style compatibility with that skin or browser.

Style Skins Browsers Description Screenshots
rounded.css YesY Monobook YesY Firefox 3 Rounds many corners, including the content action tabs, the sidebar boxes (which also have rounded headings), some textareas (including the edit box), and the main content area. Sisterlinks, navboxes, categories (obsolete)