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Name Dr.Kameleon
Born Piraeus, Greece
Name in real life (who cares?)
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Time zone UTC+2
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Changing the world,
one line of code at a time...

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Who am I?[edit]

A Greece-based programmer (intermittently acting as a web developer), former Med student (currently a CS undergrad at the University of Piraeus) and Mac convert, who adores any coding challenge and has been in love with the Art of Code since he was a 8-year-old kid.


CS / Software[edit]

(Some) Open-Source Projects of (some) interest[edit]

  • MathMachine - (C/C++ – *nix)
  • Minima Framework - (PHP/SQL – *nix/Win)
  • IQ+ Compiler - (C/C++/Lex/Yacc/Assembly/XML – *nix)
  • WebScraper+ - (C# – Win)
  • Sub’n'Vid Studio - (C# – Win)
  • FoldWatcher - (C++/Qt – *nix/Win)
  • XSudoku - (Delphi – Win)

Many, many more - either lost, or forgotten, or whatever...

Commercial Apps[edit]

All under the brand name

Current Position[edit]

Chief Software Architect & CEO @


Do Greek, English, French and a bit of Italian count too?

My little (greek) blog[edit]

Dr.Kameleon's Nest