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Hello. I'm a minimalist as you can see. Feel free to look at my contributions. I haven't done anything major but I'm happy with the things I have done.

These are my contributions.

Here is my talk.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Music in general and electronic music specifically.
  • English(don't let this quickly thrown together junk fool you).
  • The midwest rave scene during the Drop Bass era.
  • Random other factoids from college or whatever that I know but either don't want to write or am too lazy to write at the moment.


If you for some reason have beef with an edit I have made the chances are I made a mistake, or you are biased towards a particular view point. In the case of the former I apologize and please leave me a note on my talk page, in the case of the latter please don't flame me, take a few deep breaths and repeat this mantra:

"Flaming undermines any arguments I may have regardless of their validity. I will not flame."

until you attain enlightenment.