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Open Design Strategies
a green and blue brain, with green circuit board pattern and blue neuron pattern to the left of the words 'ODS'
standard ODS logo
Formation December 2011
Type Non-Profit Corporation
Headquarters Boulder, CO
B. Gian James

The Open Design Strategies (ODS) is an organization dedicated to promoting and providing open source software and research on topics involving open source software.

The organization was founded in December 2011 by B. Gian James and Taylor Fraley as a Non-profit Corporation 501(c)(3) dedicated to the research and improvement of open source on-line interactivity services.

The current president is B. Gian James.

Open Source Licensing[edit]

ODS subscribes to and was founded upon the principles of open source, community-driven software development. All of their supported projects are open source licensed under the CDDL license.


Open Design Strategies' founding members had been working together and writing open source software for over a decade before the codification of their association and subsequent umbrella copyright coverage of their produced software. Formed in November 2011 and achieving Non-profit Corporation status in December 2011, ODS has operated principally out of Erie, CO, USA, a town just outside of Boulder, CO.


Open Design Strategies has initiated, subsidized, or sponsored the research and development of several open source projects[1]. The most noteworthy are mentioned below.

Government Sanctioned Espionage RPG[edit]

One of their flagship open source projects, Government Sanctioned is described as[2]:

Government Sanctioned Main Banner.png

Government Sanctioned is an online, text-based espionage RPG (similar to a MUD/MOO) that takes place against the backdrop of a highly-secretive U.S. Government agency whose stated goals don't always match the dirty work the agents tend to find themselves in.

The project is claimed to be 55% complete at the time of this writing and, when available, the game server connection address is:



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The μnix Workstation and OS[edit]

Battle Droids: Network AVR Combat![edit]

OpenHousewares Intelligent Home Automation[edit]

Board members[edit]

The current Open Design Strategies board is [3]:

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