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Man Factory is an American Indie Rock band from Arlington, Texas established in 2002. The band has achieved regional success and is best known for its Street Fight! Rock Opera based on Capcom's Street Fighter video game series.


Early Days and Self-Titled Album[edit]

Man Factory was formed in late 2002 by Harrison White (guitar/vocals), Austin Sevener (guitar/vocals), Toni White (keyboard), Ian Smith (drums), and Chris Tellez (bass). The original lineup also consisted of cowbell player "The Octagon," who left the band in 2003. Man Factory's first official performance was with Seattle, Washington-based emo rap act Sensitivity Boosters, and Lo-Tek in Austin, Texas on Saturday, August 7, 2004.[citation needed]

Happy Chanukah (Demos)[edit]

Throughout 2004 and 2005 the band released a series of demos through its website.

Boyfriend Split EP Release/Tour[edit]

In late 2005 Man Factory signed a contract with independent Boyfriend Records to produce a split EP with Seattle, Washington-based Sensitivity Boosters. The EP was released in the US on May 2nd, 2006 and was supported by a US tour featuring both acts, and was released in Japan on August 1, 2006.[1]

Street Fight! Round 1[edit]

On December 7, 2007 Man Factory released Street Fight! Round 1 for free download through its MySpace page.[2]

Album Delays, New Lineup, and Street Fight! Round 2[edit]

In a June 2008 interview with the Dallas Observer, Man Factory confirmed that work was underway on the Street Fight! Round 2 album, the Rock Opera would consist of three installments, and fans could expect the release of Round 2 in a couple months.[3] However, Toni White's departure from the band and indefinite Street Fight! Round 2 release delays fueled speculation and rumors that the group would soon disband. On October 24th, 2009, Man Factory performed songs from Street Fight! Round 2 on 88.7 FM KTCU's Good Show.[4] In December 2009 after a long live performance hiatus, the band re-emerged with a new lineup consisting of Andrew Ehmann (drums), Dave King (bass), and Lane Meyers (keyboard).

On March 2nd, 2010 Man Factory released Street Fight! Round 2.[5]

Current Members[edit]

Harrison White (Guitar/Vocals) Austin Sevener (Guitar/Vocals) Dave King (Bass) Andrew Ehmann (Drums) Lane Meyers (Keyboard)

Former Members[edit]

Toni White (Keyboard) Ian Smith (Drums) Chris Tellez (Bass) The Octagon (Cowbell)


  • Man Factory [self-titled] (2003, Self-Released)
  • Happy Chanukah (2004, Self-Released)
  • Boyfriend Split [Man Factory/Sensitivity Boosters] (2006, Boyfriend Records)
  • Street Fight! Round 1 (2007, Self-Released)
  • Street Fight! Round 2 (2010, Self-Released)


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